Evan Tynan

Evan Tynan

Creative Design-Marketing/Branding Triple Crown Sports

Evan Tynan is a leading figure in sports marketing and design, renowned for his expertise in strategic branding and visual communications. His innovative work has considerably boosted the visibility and flexibility of various sports organizations in the market.

Current Roles & Duties

At Triple Crown Sports, Tynan effectively collaborates with a diverse roster of clients to sharpen their marketing strategies. His primary focus is on captivating the target audience through sophisticated graphic design that not only pleases the eye but also forms a meaningful connection with the organization’s foundational values and unique selling points. His deep-seated knowledge of digital media and marketing strategy is vital for aiding organizations in optimizing their promotional efforts and achieving substantial returns on their design investments, regardless of their current standing in the marketplace.

Career History

For the last ten years, Tynan has developed an impressive career in marketing and communications, constantly enlarging his portfolio and solidifying his standing within the industry. His professional path began with a volunteer internship at the Fort Myers Miracle Baseball Club, where he methodically climbed the ranks by focusing on acquiring new skills and professional growth over seeking personal accolades. His enthusiasm for sports has driven his career trajectory, involving him in roles with organizations linked to NCAA Division II, NHL, NBA, and Minor League Baseball, all of which have broadened his experience and enhanced his professional skills.

Professional Skills and Experience

Evan Tynan has a remarkable ability to identify and emphasize the unique features of the organizations he works with, tapping into the emotive power of sports to inspire and bring together communities. His expertise in branding is pivotal, allowing him to craft visual narratives that communicate effectively and resonate with diverse audiences.


Evan is exceptionally proud of his professional journey, which started from a modest unpaid internship and progressed through relentless dedication and strategic choices. His contributions to the field have been recognized with awards such as "The Bird is the Word: Grow Native for Birds" and the 2020 Jazz & Beyond Festival Logo contests. Yet, it is the consistent recognition he receives daily that truly signifies his sustained professional achievements.

At Triple Crown Sports, he is celebrated for his outstanding ability to surpass client expectations and his adeptness at fostering teamwork. His talent for merging standout individual performances with cooperative team dynamics underscores his indispensable role in any collaborative setting.

Personal Interests/Hobbies

Evan is an avid golfer, fisherman, and bowler and has a strong passion for both collegiate and professional sports, particularly Colorado teams. His involvement goes beyond simple fandom; he actively participates in charity sports tournaments and supports ventures like Jerry Schemmel’s Race Across America. He is also a key participant in Protect the Game, a non-profit that assists veterans in becoming sports officials, helping to fill a significant gap in the field.

Every night, Evan Tynan relaxes at home with his loyal dog, Fred, often indulging in the latest sports broadcasts, perfectly blending his hobbies with his professional life.

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